The OpenInfra Summit is heading to Canada!


Spotlight On: The OpenInfra Summit Vancouver

Registration and sponsorships for the OpenInfra Summit Vancouver are now open! This is your chance to collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes and 30+ other open source technologies.

Mark your calendars for June 13-15, 2023 and register early to save your seat!

Interested in sponsoring? Learn how you can help support the open source users, IT decision makers and passionate developers, administrators and operators building the modern open infrastructure stack.


Stay tuned for the Call for Presentations opening in November!

OpenInfra Foundation news

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • Running or evaluating Airship? We want to hear from you! Take the brief User Survey to provide the community with feedback.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • Want to try out Kata Containers 3.0 early? Kata Containers 3.0.0-alpha1 is available on GitHub – try it out & send us your feedback!
  • Let’s get together! If you’re planning to attend KubeCon irl & would like to meet up with other Kata Herders, please complete this survey to help us plan the best event for everyone.
  • We’re experimenting with the idea of holding an APAC-friendly Architecture Committee meeting once per month, but we need your help! Please complete the survey linked here to help us select the best time

OpenDev Collaboratory

  • Many thanks to Clark Boylan for agreeing to continue as the OpenDev Service Coordinator for another six-month term!

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • TC and PTL elections start later today (2022-09-07 at 23:45 UTC). If you’re a qualifying contributor to one or more official OpenStack project teams or SIGs, be on the lookout for your ballot(s).
  • The Zed development cycle is now well into its release freeze, with first release candidate versions expected next week and the final coordinated release due on October 5.
  • The OpenStack community participated in an informal teleconference discussion with members of the OpenInfra board of directors on October 8. The primary topic of discussion was around increasing operator and user collaboration in the software design process. Further discussion of this and related subjects will continue next month at the PTG, and another similar call is already scheduled to occur on 2022-11-16 at 20:00 UTC for anyone interested in participating.

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The StarlingX 7.0 release is around the corner now! Check out the project’s wiki for more information about the upcoming version!
  • The community started to alternate the TSC & Community meeting to better accommodate the global community. The meeting is moved to 7pm PDT on every first Wednesday of the month, with the first call being held in the new time slot on the 7th of September.
  • The fall election season is approaching, the community is currently working on the timeline to (re)elect TSC members and Project and Technical Leads. If you are interested in running for a position, make sure that you get your contributor status before the nomination period starts!

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • Zuul 6.3.0 has been released. A new pipeline reporter for Zuul configuration errors has been added. Other improvements include reducing the number of Gerrit queries needed by the Gerrit driver and fixes to the web UI.

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