Got pain points or pet projects? The deadline for proposing sessions is March 10.


At the Forum, the open infrastructure community gathers to brainstorm the requirements for the next release, gather feedback on the past version and engage in strategic discussions that go beyond goals for the next release cycle.

Now’s the time for you to weigh in for the upcoming Denver Summit. You can add ideas for sessions at the Forum in a couple of ways. If you’re working on a project or have a specific interest, check out the list here. If you want to post an idea, but aren’t working with a specific team or working group, use the catch-all Etherpads for the Technical Committee and the User Committee. You can also check out which projects are already on tap for onboarding and updates at the Forum here.

Not sure what might work? Great forum sessions typically:

  • Involve both developers and users
  • Multiple projects/teams/working groups collaborating
  • Have a concrete outcome/a conclusion to work toward

Here’s more detail on the types of sessions that work for this event:

Project-specific sessions

Where developers can ask users specific questions about their experience, users can provide feedback from the last release and cross-community collaboration on the priorities and ‘blue sky’ ideas for the next release can occur.

Strategic, community-wide discussions

This is the time and place to think about the big picture, including beyond just one release cycle and new technologies.

Cross-project sessions

In a similar vein to what took place at past Design Summits, but with increased emphasis on issues that are of relevant to all areas of the community.

One more idea: if you’ve organized or attended any open infrastructure events in the past year, you’ve probably heard talks or been in discussions that are perfect for the Forum. Pitch them!

A committee of Technical and User Committee representatives and Foundation Staff will then schedule the sessions into available times.

You have until March 10 to propose your session for this edition of the Forum which is co-located with the Open Infrastructure Summit.

Cover photo // CC BY NC