The OpenStack Summit, one of the largest open cloud infrastructure events in the world, hosts a day dedicated to the open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.


Both OpenStack and Kubernetes have been called “the Linux of the cloud.” They could be competing for that title, or even turning into frenemies, but instead have chosen to take the road of collaboration in friendship.

Case in point: We’re happy to announce that the first-ever Kubernetes Day will happen at the OpenStack Summit Boston, May 8-11.  It’s the result of hard work and deep collaboration between the OpenStack Foundation, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (which hosts and governs Kubernetes as an open-source project) and the larger community.

Collaboration between OpenStack and Kubernetes goes way back. There is a group of OpenStack projects, including Magnum, Murano, Kolla-Kubernetes, Kuryr and OpenStack-Helm, which have been established to work closely and natively with Kubernetes from the different angles. The Kubernetes community, in its turn, drives the OpenStack Special Interest Group whose primary goal is solving the questions of consuming OpenStack as a native cloud provider for Kubernetes, together with enabling the ability to run OpenStack components as containerized services, managed by Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Day takes place May 9, the second day of OpenStack Summit. Speakers from Google, CoreOS, IBM Cloud, NetApp, Tigera, Buoyant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, RackN and Kumulus Technologies will share their experience and use cases from Kubernetes and OpenStack worlds. During the other days of the Summit, you’ll also find plenty of top-notch sessions on Kubernetes ranging from ops tools to high-powered computing — check out a list of all of those sessions here.

Kubernetes Day is part of a new initiative, Open Source Days, that features other like-minded communities including OPNFV, Cloud Foundry and OpenContrail.

As part of the Kubernetes community, I look forward to talking to you at the Summit!

Ihor Dvoretskyi is the co-chair of Kubernetes Day. He is a member of the Kubernetes team at Mirantis, focused on upstream Kubernetes-related efforts. He also acts as a product manager at the Kubernetes community and been responsible for the features track at Kubernetes 1.6 release team.

Cover Photo // CC BY NC