Info on the next free training sessions and how you can get involved.


With that in mind, the OpenStack Foundation offers a training program to share knowledge about the different ways of contributing to OpenStack like providing new features, writing documentation, participating in working groups. Aimed at beginners, trainers are all-star volunteers from the community. It’s broken down into modules– so if you’re a developer, project manager or interested in Working Groups, you can follow what most interests you.

In addition to offerings at the Summits, there are a number of OpenStack Days around the world where you can catch the training.  Up next are Krakow, Poland, Seoul, South Korea and São Paulo, Brazil.

The educational program is built on the principle of open collaboration and will teach the students how to find information and navigate the intricacies of the project’s technical tools and social interactions in order to get the contributions accepted. The live one and a half day class is focusing on hands-on practice like the students can use a development environment to work on real-life bug fixes or new features and learn how to test, prepare and upload them for review.

The Upstream Institute attendees are also given the opportunity to join a mentoring program to get further help and guidance on their journey to become an active and successful member of the OpenStack community. The program is run by Foundation staffers Kendall Nelson, upstream developer advocate and Ildiko Vancsa, ecosystem technical lead.

Want to know more about the course? The complete content of Upstream Institute Training can be found here: OpenStack Upstream Institute Training Content

Get involved!

If you’re interested in getting involved with Upstream Institute outside of these training events, you can also participate in weekly meetings.

They happen in #openstack-meeting-3 (IRC webclient)

  •   Every two weeks (on odd weeks) on Monday at 20:00 UTC
  •   Every two weeks (on even weeks) on Tuesday at 09:00 UTC

You’re also welcome to hang out in the #openstack-upstream-institute channel in between meetings.