This brief tutorial from LearnIT Guide shows you how to get started.


Horizon is one of the most popular ways to interact with OpenStack.

LearnIT Guide recently published a tutorial (text based and the 12-minute video below) of how to set up Openstack’s Dashboard. Horizon, provides a web-based user interface to OpenStack services including Nova, Swift, Keystone. The tutorial requires Centos 7.1 6-4 bit, OpenStack Liberty repositories and packages as well as an installed and configured MariaDB.

The OpenStack Foundation also provides this Quick Start Guide to Horizon, tested for Horizon on Ubuntu (16.04-64) and RPM-based (RHEL 7.x) distributions. Also, if you’re looking for other beginner resources — documentation, setting up a dev environment — check out the Foundation’s “How to get started” section.

LearnIT Guide also offers other free tutorials on OpenStack including how to configure Neutron and Nova.

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Cover Photo // CC BY NC