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Open Infrastructure Summit schedule is live!

Despite being a very different year than most, the OpenInfra community, which has over 110,000 community members, made it a productive and successful year. 2020 was the start of the next decade of OpenInfra tackling challenges including hardware diversification, deployment diversification, government regulations like data sovereignty, and the availability of more open source than ever.

Each community member, working group, SIG, and contributor was instrumental in continuing to support the OpenInfra Foundation’s mission: building open source communities that write software that runs in production. The 2020 Annual Report was published today highlighting the achievements across the community and the goals for the year ahead.

Let’s break down some of the highlights of last year:

  • The OpenStack Foundation has taken the next step in its ongoing evolution by becoming the OpenInfra Foundation to support open infrastructure for a market estimated at $20 billion USD.
  • Over 60 global organizations joined in establishing the OpenInfra Foundation to build the next decade of infrastructure for AI, 5G and edge computing, including Platinum Members Ant Group, AT&T, Ericsson, FiberHome, Huawei, Red Hat, Wind River, Tencent, and Facebook.
  • OpenStack, one of the top three most active open source projects with 15 million cores in production, marked its 10th anniversary in July 2020
  • The OpenInfra Foundation shared its support for the Magma project, announced OpenInfra Labs as its newest pilot project and confirmed StarlingX as a top-level Open Infrastructure project.
  • The OpenInfra community became more accessible internationally through the first virtual OpenInfra Summit that gathered 10,000 attendees from 120+ different countries to discuss more than 30 open source projects

The OpenInfra Foundation would like to extend a huge thanks to the global community for all of the work that went into 2020 and is continuing in 2021 to help people build and operate OpenInfra. Check out the full OpenInfra Foundation 2020 Annual Report and join us to build the next decade of OpenInfra!

OpenInfra Foundation news

  • This week, the 2021 OpenInfra Board of Directors met for the first time, onboarding new members and thanking the members who served last year. Allison Randal was elected Board Chair, and you can learn here about the new board as they start the next decade of OpenInfra. 
  • The OpenInfra Foundation is helping the Magma community organize its Magma Developers Conference on February 3. The virtual event is free to attend and participants can expect to hear about the Magma development roadmap, including the upcoming 1.4 release, as well as use cases in production.

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • Airship 2.0 is Kubernetes certified! 
    • Airship 2.0 has been designated as a Certified Kubernetes Distribution through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Software Conformance Program, guaranteeing that Airship provides a consistent installation of Kubernetes, supports the latest Kubernetes versions, and provides a portable cloud-native environment with other Certified Platforms.
  • Airship Container as a Service
    • Two operators will manage the lifecycle of virtual machines and their relationship to the cluster: vNode-Operator (ViNO) and the Support Infra Provider (SIP). These operators are new projects to the Airship ecosystem and were migrated to OpenDev earlier this month. Read more about ViNO and SIP on the blog.
  • General Availability of Airship 2.0 is on track for release in Q1.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • Kata Containers was represented at the Cloud Native Infrastructures Meetup in Beijing.
    • Learn about why China Mobile Cloud selected Kata Containers as its security containers, and some performance tuning exploration and optimization ideas for Kata on Kata blogs.
  • Are you a Kata Containers user? Please take a few moments to fill out the User Survey to provide feedback and information around your deployment. All information is confidential to the OpenInfra Foundation unless you designate that it can be public.

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The community is currently working on the 5.0 release with focus on security related features like secret management and image signature validation. The release is planned to come out by the summer.
  • The next round of the Technical Steering Committee election will also happen during the second quarter of the year. If you are interested in running for a seat start contributing now to be eligible to participate!

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • The release of Nodepool 3.14.0 brings improvements in Kubernetes, OpenShift, and containers.
  • James E. Blair is reconfirmed as the Zuul Project Lead for 2021, continuing to serve as a central point of contact for the project, and to guide the consensus-driven decision making process on which the community relies.
  • The Zuul Maintainers reached agreement on a new specification for a solution to locally reproduce job builds.
  • Planning is currently underway for a possible build log and artifact storage access proxy complimenting Zuul, feel free to join the discussion.

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