Announcing the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes, welcome new members, project updates, and more!


Spotlight On: OpenInfra Live: Keynotes

If you miss the OpenInfra Summit, join us for the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes on November 17 – 18 at 9am CT/1500 UTC. This two-day, special edition of OpenInfra Live is the best opportunity of the year to meet the newest players to the OpenInfra space, interact with leaders of open source projects like OpenStack and Kubernetes to hear how the projects are supporting OpenInfra use cases like hybrid cloud, gain insight into hybrid cloud economics and the role open source technologies play, and celebrate as we announce this year’s Superuser Awards winner. This will be the one time everyone will be coming together this year. Come interact with the global OpenInfra community—Live!

What can you expect?

  • Exclusive announcements from the OpenInfra Foundation
  • Users deploying hybrid cloud scenarios in production and how open source projects like OpenStack and Kubernetes make them scale
  • OpenInfra production deployments growing by up to 200%


Thanks to Red Hat for being a headline sponsor of OpenInfra Live: Keynotes. If your organization is interested in sponsoring, please reach out to [email protected]!

OpenInfra Foundation news

  • Microsoft is the newest Platinum Member of the OpenInfra Foundation. In a presentation to the OpenInfra Board of Directors, Ryan van Wyk, Partner Software Engineering Manager for Azure for Operators at Microsoft, said the multi-year commitment to support the OpenInfra Foundation is Microsoft’s latest move to support a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of open source projects and communities.
  • The OpenInfra Foundation announced five inaugural members of its new Associate Member category. Boston University, CERN, Open Source Business Alliance – Federal Association for Digital Sovereignty, OW2 and SODA Foundation form the initial group of Associate Members. This new category of Foundation members was added by the OpenInfra Foundation board to recognize and collaborate more closely with academic and public research institutions and non-profit organizations that use, build or sustain open infrastructure.
  • If your organization would like to join Microsoft and our new Associate Members in advancing open infrastructure, reach out to Jimmy McArthur to learn the benefits of joining and supporting the global OpenInfra community.

OpenInfra Live news

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • The newly elected Airship Technical Committee has been announced! Congrats to the new TC! See the full announcement.
  • Running or evaluating Airship? We want to hear from you! Take the brief User Survey to provide the community with feedback.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • Kata-Containers 2.2.0 is here!
    • Last week, the community released kata-containers 2.2.0, making the stable-2.1 branch EOL. Get the latest Kata Containers release here.
  • Participate at the following Kata Containers sessions, led by the community members, at KVM Forum on September 15-16.
  • Contribute your Kata Containers use cases.
    • The community is putting together a Kata use cases landing page on to showcase the momentum of the project. If you would like to add your Kata use case on the page, please contact Sunny Cai ([email protected]) for more information.
  • Get excited for the September Kata Containers Architecture Committee (AC) elections!
    • The community is kicking off the September AC elections this week. Please see below for the key elections dates, and check kata-dev mailing list for more details about the election:
      • Candidacy open: September 8-16
      • “Debate period”: September 17-27
      • Voting: September 28 – October 3
      • Results: October 4

OpenDev: Open Source Software Development at Scale

  • On Sunday, September 12, the OpenDev sysadmins will be performing operating system upgrades for the server hosting the,,,, and sites. Expect extended outages for message delivery and access to archives between 15:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC, though messages sent to the mailing lists at these sites should queue normally and be delivered automatically after maintenance activities have concluded. See the original notice and future follow-up messages for further information on this work.

OpenInfra Labs: Connecting open source projects to production

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • Do you use the community hosted elastic-recheck in your development of OpenStack services? If so, please speak up and get involved in helping maintain these services for the community! Without help, Yoga will be the last release developed before they are shut down. For more information on what is required, please check out the Technical Committee’s upstream investment opportunity on being an ELK service maintainer.
  • The Technical Committee election has concluded without a run-off. Congratulations to Dan Smith (dansmith), Ghanshyam Mann (gmann), Jay Bryant (jungleboyj), and Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo) on being re-elected to the Technical committee for another term!
  • Tap-as-a-service has been re-added to Neutron. Tap-as-a-Service is a project to introduce the functionality of port mirroring in OpenStack Neutron provisioned networks.

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The fall Technical Steering Committee (TSC), Project Lead (PL) and Technical Lead (TL) elections are just around the corner, but you still have time to start to contribute to StarlingX to be eligible to run for a position or vote in the elections! For details about the process and updates on the exact dates please go and check out the elections website.
  • You can find information about the project on the StarlingX website, including videos and project overview slides. To get in touch with the community and start to participate you can subscribe to the starlingx-discuss mailing list or attend one of the weekly meetings.

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • New 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 releases of Zuul added multi-hop routing and encryption to the finger-gw service used for live streaming of build logs, and corrected a recent regression for job-specific failure and success messages.
  • Synchronous discussion within the Zuul community has moved from OFTC IRC to the OpenDev Collaboratory’s Matrix homeserver. See the announcement for additional details.
  • This year’s Ansiblefest will feature a talk by James Blair about how Zuul is used to test changes for the OpenDev Collaboratory’s Ansible-deployed production services. Registration is free, and open now!

Meet The Organizations Supporting the OpenInfra Foundation

  • The Open Infrastructure Foundation thanks all its members for their ongoing support of the OpenInfra community. Check out the OpenInfra Foundation blog to learn how these organizations are helping open source communities build the tools infrastructure operators need for Data Center Clouds, 5G, Edge, Containers, CI/CD and beyond!
  • The OpenInfra Foundation would like to proudly announce Microsoft as its newest Platinum member!

  • The OpenInfra Foundation wishes a warm welcome to its newest members:
  • This month we are highlighting OpenInfra Platinum member: Ant Group, OpenInfra Gold member: 99cloud, and OpenInfra Silver member: Ampere. Thank you for your support! 


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