The healthcare sector can now scale the stored data and provide data analytics in real-time, saving lives!


In partnership with Sardina Systems, Incarta, the Australian-based technology consulting company, provides an agile and high-reliability private cloud platform that runs on OpenStack. Learn how this partnership has created a platform to is scale stored data and provide data analytics in real-time to empower the healthcare sector and save lives!

What is the name of your organization?

Incarta, founded in 1998 is an Australian company providing technology consulting services to the health and small to medium enterprise sectors. Incarta develops custom hardware and software solutions for collation, management, and analysis of complex data. The company has specific interests in critical care medicine, real-time monitoring of patients, and clinically focused augmented intelligence.

What year did your organization launch its first OpenStack deployment?


How has OpenStack transformed your organization?

Incarta’s first deployment of OpenStack was in 2019. After an extensive search and evaluation of cloud technology options and management partners, Incarta selected OpenStack and engaged Sardina Systems, a Founding Silver Member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation to provide support and management services for OpenStack. It was critical for Incarta to find a partner that understood the unique challenges of operating a “zero-downtime” cloud at scale in the context of driving down the total cost of compute, analytic, and storage services.

Sardina FishOS private cloud built on OpenStack has enabled Incarta to provide clinical and business users with flexible, secure, and reliable self-service cloud computing services. It has revolutionized Incarta’s ability to scale storage and compute high volumes of data, and to deliver clinical insights through augmented and predictive intelligence that could have only been imagined just a few years ago.

The partnership with Sardina Systems brought out the best of what OpenStack has to offer and has enabled Incarta to build an agile and high-reliability private cloud platform that preserves data sovereignty. All data storage and analytic systems are hosted on an infrastructure located in Australia and owned by Incarta. The platform is empowering the critical and sub-acute care sectors, medical emergency teams and hospitals, providing the local healthcare sector with reliable, data storage, elastic compute, and analytics.

The healthcare sector can now scale the stored data and provide data analytics in real-time, saving lives!

What workloads are you running on OpenStack?

OpenStack is serving mission-critical and data-intensive workloads for research, development, and care delivery.

What is the scale of your OpenStack environment?

Our OpenStack system leverages 3 controllers, 6 compute nodes (hypervisors), and approximately 100 virtual machines.

What other open source technologies are integrated with your OpenStack environment?

Incarta makes extensive use of open technologies across its infrastructure and product suite including Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, Kubernetes, Spring, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and many others.

Providing security, reliability, and the most advanced technologies, open technology has enabled Incarta and Sardina Systems to deliver the most innovative and advanced cloud services and analytics to clinical users and patients across Australia, whilst driving down the cost of service delivery and improving accessibility and quality of care.

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