Recently launched, it covers configuration, server maintenance and troubleshooting.


Swift, the OpenStack Object Store project, has a new runbook designed to help operators.

If you’re not familiar with Swift, the project offers cloud storage software that allows you to store and retrieve lots of data with a simple API. It’s built for scale and optimized for durability, availability, and concurrency across the entire data set. Swift is ideal for storing unstructured data that can grow without boundaries.

The runbook takes a page (well, a chunk) from the operational procedures that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) uses to operate and monitor the Swift system within the HPE Helion Public Cloud. The HPE team contributed it for all to use, now it’s up to larger OpenStack community to help fill in the blanks.

So far, the main sections cover:

  • Identifying issues and resolutions
  • Software configuration procedures
  • Server maintenance
  • Troubleshooting tips

"My hope is that this document will be continually updated with experiences from everyone in the community," wrote Swift project team lead (PTL) John Dickinson on the operator’s mailing list. "If you have your own advice or guidance to offer, please submit a patch. If you’re running a Swift cluster, please feel free to offer updates and corrections where necessary."

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