In-tree integration testing with Neutron, deploying Kilo with Puppet, getting started with CoreOS and more in our weekly roundup…


Here’s the news from the OpenStack world you won’t want to miss — the musings, polemics and questions posed by the larger community.
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In case you missed it

The OpenStack community shared some great knowledge this week, here are some we wanted to highlight:

Full Stack Testing

"Time for OpenStack projects to take ownership of their quality. Introducing Neutron in-tree integration tests," says Assaf Muller, OpenStack Neutron team lead at Red Hat.

Getting started with CoreOS on OpenStack

Aptira’s Alok Kumar shares the basics of CoreOS on an OpenStack infrastructure.

Total Newbie’s Introduction to Heat Orchestration in OpenStack

"OpenStack is powerful, flexible, and is continuously developed. But best of all, it has a very rich API layer," Cisco says in this primer….

Top Ten Ways to Use OpenStack for Storage

Veteran IT journalist Drew Robb walks you through talking points in this part of a series of articles on OpenStack.

Interested in the back story on OpenStack and containers? Sean Michael Turner’s got you covered with this interview with Adrian Otto, Magnum Project Team Lead (PTL).

Cloud … You’re Doing it Wrong!

And, in our favorite piece of punditry this week, Randy Bias, CEO of Cloudscaling, offers a great breakdown of what you need to know about cloud as you start your journey.

Industry watch

Here are some of the news items that crossed our radar this week….

HP snuggles up to OpenStack in cloud embrace

"Helion is vital for two reasons to understanding OpenStack as a whole. The first is that HP is the single largest contributor (by several metrics) to the latest OpenStack release, Liberty.
HP’s Helion needs to drive the code it creates, and HP is putting more effort into OpenStack than anyone else. The second reason that Helion is important is that it serves as a model for many other companies," The Register opines…

OpenStack is overkill for Docker
New tooling is necessary for effectively managing Docker at scale, explains Matt Asay, vice president of mobile at Adobe.

OpenStack is redefining the business model for data solutions

Proof of this tectonic shift are the acquisitions of industry leading vendors of OpenStack-based companies, writes Orlando Bayter, CEO of Ormuco

Getting started with CoreOS

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