This free 1.5-day class organized by the OpenStack Foundation will get you up an running as a contributor.


There are plenty of ways to boost your knowledge at the upcoming OpenStack Summit Boston.

The OpenStack Academy is a dedicated space for learning offering of hands-on workshops, day-long intensive training sessions and professional certification exams.

Here we take a look at the OpenStack Upstream Institute, a free, 1.5 day training course held May 6-7, before the Summit.

It’s an intensive program designed to school newcomers in the tools used to contribute code, add new features, write documentation and participate in working groups to OpenStack as they join a community of thousands of developers from hundreds of companies worldwide.

Students will also learn how to use a prepared development environment to test, prepare and upload new code snippets or documentation for review. Lenovo is sponsoring the course this time around.
Organized and run by people embedded in the community, the fast-track course gives students a more accurate taste of what working in the community is really like and the opportunity to ask experienced contributors questions and gain more insight into their work with OpenStack.  There’s help beyond the classroom, too: attendees can join an ongoing mentoring program.

As the training evolves, our focus continually shifts towards providing a highly interactive course where students can learn about the social norms, modes of communication and variety of possible contributions through experience as opposed to lectures,”  say Ildikó Váncsa and Kendall Nelson, the OpenStack Foundation staffers who run the training.

Are you still debating whether the OpenStack Institute is for you? “The answer is always ‘YES’!” say Vancsa and Nelson. “The course is designed to be modular to increase flexibility and provide an invaluable experience for all attendees no matter of their role and level: student, junior or established engineer.”

A few reminders: the training is free but participants need to sign up for the class, register with an OpenStack ID and set up their laptops before diving in Saturday afternoon. Complete instructions here.

Get involved!

Upstream courses are occasionally offered outside OpenStack Summits. If you’d like to follow what’s going on with the training team,  which organizes the courses and other OpenStack training materials, you can join one of their weekly meetings here:  or reach out to Ildiko Vancsa (IRC on Freenode: ildikov, mail: [email protected]) or Kendall Nelson (IRC: diablo_rojo, mail: [email protected])