OpenStack Board Member Edgar Magana on goals, sessions and emotions at the upcoming event.


Edgar Magana is a familiar figure at OpenStack operators meetups and Summits.

He’s been involved with OpenStack since 2011 — back when Neutron was called Quantum —  and now serves on the Board of Directors. He talks to Superuser about his quest to get more operators using Neutron and why this Summit has a special place in his heart.

What’s coming up in the board meeting?

The most important discussion will be around changing the Foundation bylaws about the definition of the User Committee (UC) is structured and how members are elected.
In a nutshell, our goal is to have UC at the same level that the Technical Committee (TC). We have to make sure that operators and users are recognized and involved in the decision around the OpenStack community.

What you’re hoping to accomplish at the Summit?

I am the main supporter for the above proposal. I will be representing the UC in front of the Board in order to get it approved, this could be one of the best accomplishments in my career around OpenStack Community.

Another interesting goal is to have a better coordination between Working Groups (WG) and make sure that they provide direct input about technical feature requests to the TC in order to be accomplish by the project teams.

Anything you want to say about the sessions you’re presenting?

I’m leading a Birds of Feather session about networking aspects from Operators point of view:
Many operators do not use Neutron and I would like to understand what the reason is behind that and how we can improve Neutron to facilitate the transition for those operators.

You helped out at the Mexico Hackathon – what will it be like to see the winning team in Barcelona?

I feel very emotional about this Summit. I am originally from Mexico, but I lived in Barcelona for six years while I was completing my PhD. I have the best memories from this place and I am so looking forward to coming back!

On the top of that, a group of talented Mexican engineers are presenting the winning App from the Hackathon in Guadalajara, Mexico.

When I think about all those facts coming together makes me feel proud of this community and the effort that we all are putting together to have the most successful and technological disruptive open-source community around the world. // CC BY