“Without OpenStack, none of this would be possible,” says Carsten Rossenhovel of the vendor-neutral European Advanced Networking Test Center.


One of the big questions surrounding OpenStack is whether distributions can play well together.

When it comes to NFV, the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), helped put that question to rest. The EANTC is an objective and independent testing center based in Berlin, Germany. The organization provides vendor-neutral performance testing laboratories for telecommunications solutions. They tested NFV on various distributions of OpenStack.

At the recent OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, EANTC’s managing director Carsten Rossenhovel¬†showcased recent NFV testing that included an interoperability test and performance tests run in two different scenarios. According to Rossenhovel, “without OpenStack, none of this would be possible.”

Check out the video below for a live demo of their interoperability tests.