Check out the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, try speed mentoring and a networking lunch.


You’ll get the big picture with keynotes, then dive in with the working group or up to speed over lunch with diversity and inclusion efforts in the community at the Open Infrastructure Summit. But wait, there’s more: This is the second Summit after the pivot from the Women of OpenStack (WOO) to a focus on diversity. Here’s a look at all the events on the agenda for Denver:

Speed Mentoring lunch

If you’re new to open infrastructure or would like some mentoring, this session is a great icebreaker and a way to get know new and experienced people in the open-source community. The Intel-sponsored session will be divided between career, technical and community mentoring. Mentees will be organized into small groups and each group will have several 15 minute mentoring sessions. In your small group, you’ll get to know a bit about a mentor and have an opportunity to ask them a question or two about how you can grow your career, get involved in the community, and make the most of the summit. Then, after 15 minutes, a new mentor will cycle to your group and the process will repeat. If you want to mentor, just indicate that when you RSVP.
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Diversity Networking lunch

Join the Diversity Working Group for lunch to meet and network with the open source community to discuss best strategies for supporting each other. Sponsored by IBM, the group will celebrate accomplishments over the past year, break into small groups to discuss updating our initiatives and discuss other topics related to diversity and growing our community.
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“Chasing Grace” screening

Join Jennifer Cloer, the executive producer and director of the “Chasing Grace” project for a private screening of episode two, “Progress and the Power of Community.”This episode will explore where progress happens – in the individual stories of women who have started companies, nonprofit organizations and women-in-tech groups. The challenges they face when they do stand up, speak out or challenge the status quo will also be explored to understand where we’re failing so that we may accelerate progress. Details here.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey: Results

The OpenStack Diversity and Inclusion WG conducted a six-month long survey to learn more about the members of our community. The results have been anonymously compiled by members of the CHAOSS project, a Linux Foundation project focused on creating analytics and metrics to help define community health. This session will share those results.
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The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is meeting up during the event; you can check out the events and biweekly meeting schedule for the Diversity and Inclusion WG here.