Learn the shortcomings of layer-2 networks and how layer-3 network protocols help address those.


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This episode will discuss the shortcomings of layer-2 networks and how layer-3 network protocols help address those. We will take a in depth look at Red Hat OpenStack Platform 17 and its integration with FRRouting (FRR) to implement dynamic routing using BGP protocol as well as use of BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) protocol which is used for detecting network failures. We will also take a look at how ECMP is used to provide both high availability and load balancing in OpenStack control and dataplane networks.

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In the “Large Scale Ops Deep Dive” series, a panel of OpenStack operators invites special guests to talk about their deployment and discuss their operations.

For this episode, our guests will be Benjamin Fuhrmann and Stanislav Dmitriev from Ubisoft, the famous video game publisher.

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