Shamail Tahir talks to Randy Bias of EMC and Boris Renski of Mirantis about where they see OpenStack going in 2016.


The first 2016 episode of Superuser TV takes the long view.

Host Shamail Tahir, an offering manager for OpenStack initiatives at IBM, sounds out Randy Bias, vice president of technology at EMC, and Boris Renski, the co-founder and CMO of Mirantis.

In this 40-minute segment, they discuss the most important changes to OpenStack in 2015, what they’re hearing from clients these days, what they’re excited about and why now is the time to push on through. Bias and Renski also engage in a bit of light acronym sparring and gentlemanly, if spirited, disagreements over vendor lock-in and interoperability. This episode closes with predictions for OpenStack’s 2016.

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