Intel and Huawei organized what will become a twice-yearly event


Dubbed the “Kilo Bug Fix Fest,” the recent hackathon held in China brought together 16 engineers in Shanghai.

During the three-day marathon, they focused on fixing Nova and Neutron bugs, although there was some work done on Ceilometer and Keystone, too. In total they identified 43 bugs and fixed 29 of them before the hackathon ended. (A virtual team will continue to work out the kinks on the remaining bugs.) You can check out the etherpad to see the list of attendees and bugs worked on.


Intel and Huawei hosted the event at Intel’s Zizhu campus from April 13-15. The hackathon was designed as a way to get more local engineers involved in OpenStack, helping them learn tips and tricks and gain a better understanding by working closely with others. Cores and project team leads (PTLs) were also on hand to review patches and vote for merges. The two host companies plan to make the bug-fixing fests a regular, twice-yearly event in China.

“It’s good to share ideas with so many friends in the open-source community,” said Shane Wang, engineering manager of the datacenter and cloud software (DCS) team at Intel’s open source technology center. "One key thing we’re learning is to plan with core developers as early as possible, so we can have the best chance to impact an upcoming OpenStack release.”