Shaohe Feng

Shaohe has profound experience in the cloud computing domain with virtualization/orchestration/accelerator/live-migration/network-related technologies. His early work experience also touches embedded systems and media CDN. He contributed to several open source projects, such as openstack, oVirt, libvirt, and so on. Shaohe has participated in several open source projects from scratch, such as Kimchi, RMD, and Mogon/Cyborg in OpenStack. Kimchi is an HTML5 based management tool for KVM, easy to get started with KVM, he contributed a lot of features and ideas  RMD is a resource management daemon and written in go language, he implements the main framework.

Cyborg is a heterogeneous accelerator management project, he supports several intel accelerator cards in cyborg. Besides he prepared an AI demo based on FPGA in Openstack summit keynotes, also prepare an AI demo in 2019 MWC. Recently he is working on ICN-SDEWAN, SmartNIC (N3000) VNF/GPU orchestration in Cloud.

Apart from work, he enjoys sports, such as playing tennis, Roller skating.

1 articles from Shaohe Feng

Enhancement of New Heterogeneous Accelerators Based on Cyborg

Cyborg architecture, Nova & Cyborg interaction mechanism, accelerator performance optimization, Cyborg's benefits to the cloud platform and more

Published on January 13, 2021