What you can expect at the next Hackathon, Summit and how to get involved


If you’re looking for reasons to attend the upcoming OpenStack Summit Barcelona, fellow app developers offered a host of reasons. (And they will help convince your boss, too.)


“I’m very excited that this container journey is here and that OpenStack is embracing it,” says Lachlan Evenson, best known to Superuser readers for his eight-minute upgrade. “I’m very excited that people are on this journey with us, it’s only going to make the platform’s better, we can really tackle real business use cases.”

Internet of things

“IOT is not about proprietary technology or specific vendor solutions, it’s about the powerful of the open source,” says Jakub Pavlik, CTO at tcp cloud. Pavlik offered a smart city demo at the keynote that tracked where conference users where heading. “The power of the community that you can choose different pieces of OpenStack and make them work.”

We are OpenStack

“We’re trying to really build this community of application developers help them get exposed to OpenStack, to understand OpenStack client all the different pieces,” says Mark Collier, OpenStack Foundation COO.

Getting you from zero to hero

In addition to hands-on sessions and training opportunities offered at the Summit, the keynotes in Austin featured winners of the first official OpenStack Hackathon in Taiwan. The winning team made an muscle-movement tracking app that could have uses that include physical therapy.

“Look at what people are doing with very little money and they are making things that can change the world,” Evenson says. “I got a glimpse into the future, I had this aha! moment in the keynotes, this is amazing.”

Here’s the entire four-minute video from the OpenStack Foundation YouTube channel:

Get involved

  • The next OpenStack Hackathon is in September in Mexico, there are a series of free workshops on OpenStack offered before the weekend.
  • The Application Ecosystem Working Group develops training materials to help prepare community members for hackathons. To get involved, please contact OpenStack Foundation community wrangler David Flanders through his website or over IRC where his nickname is dfflanders.
  • The OpenStack API Working Group works to improve the developer experience of API users by converging the OpenStack API to a consistent and pragmatic RESTful design. You can find out more on the wiki or ask questions using the [api] tag on the openstack-dev mailing list.

Cover Photo // CC BY NC