This is your weekend OpenStack reading list.


There’s a lot going on in the OpenStack community and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. We’ve collected the top stories you need to to be reading this week. From the latest OpenStack resources to news about users, we share the content you need to stay up to date.

Keep OpenStack Weird

By: Nick Barcet

Why OpenStack is different, and should stay that way.

##[Openstack Building Storyboard for the Software-Defined Economy](
By: Sean Michael Kerner

Software is eating the world. One of the over-arching themes of the OpenStack Summit was the emergence and permanency of the software defined economy.

##[OpenStack 101: The parts that make up the project](
By: Brandon Butler

For new users, this is a great overview of all of the components of OpenStack.

##[How to Use OpenStack in an SME](
By: Paul Mah

Another excellent intro to OpenStack, focusing on determining if OpenStack is right for your business and walking through getting started and deploying OpenStack.

##[HP service automation tools make nice with Chef, OpenStack](
By: Joab Johnson

HP integrated its service automation programs with Chef and OpenStack to make it easier for IT to work with open source applications.

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