OpenInfra in 2020: Take a look at some of the Working Groups highlights from the Annual Report for 2020, brought to you by the Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation.


2020 redefined collaboration. While the global community was not able to meet in person, everyone still convened to discuss how we collaborate to deliver the Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation’s mission: building communities who write software that runs in production. In 2020, the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group and the Interop Working Group continued their efforts of collaboration virtually to grow the OpenInfra mission as well as the Working Groups’ missions.

Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group continued reaching out to the other OIF projects and inviting them to join our efforts as we are not OpenStack specific and hope to continue offering opportunities for diversity at events and in the community.

Our main focus for the year was the creation of the OpenInfra Foundation’s stance on divisive language. All OpenInfra projects were contacted and over the course of the work all projects gave input except for Kata. The stance was approved by the Board and the community with several recommendations being relayed to the Board for continuing efforts from them as well as the creation of a Wiki page with suggestions to be used when addressing the replacement of divisive words.

The D&I WG also helped to lead OpenStack’s presence during Grace Hopper’s Open Source Day. We had about 13 mentors from the community and 45 attendees throughout the day.

In 2021, we plan on continuing to aid the OpenInfra projects in their efforts to remove divisive language and to use more inclusive words. We also hope to be able to resume efforts with the community during virtual and in person events.

Interop Working Group

The OpenInfra Interop Working Group has been issuing guidelines for OpenStack Logos and Branding programs as part of Marketplace development every release as listed below:

  • OpenStack Powered Platform
  • OpenStack Powered Compute
  • OpenStack Powered Object Storage

During Ussuri we had two add-ons:

  • OpenStack Powered DNS
  • OpenStack Powered Orchestration

In Victoria we added one more add-on: the OpenStack Powered Shared File System.

The Interop repos were moved under the OpenInfra Foundation in Ussuri and are consolidated in Victoria to enable QA and test team to plan for ongoing efforts in OpenInfra projects Kata, Airship and StarlingX for container conformance.

The forward looking statement from the OpenInfra Interop Working Group is to start the ground up efforts to set new guidelines for Integrated Wallaby release and define the OpenInfra Container Conformance Program. The current work in the technical team has been efforts around containerizing Refstack to move to Ansible and Go besides python 3.7 support for test tools and libraries used by all OpenInfra Projects. The Baremetal logo program was deferred to future releases after new guidelines are in place.

Looking forward to 2021…

Thank you to everyone in the OpenInfra community for all of the work that went into 2020 and is continuing in 2021 to contribute and support the community! Check out the full 2020 Annual Reportjoin the OpenInfra community to build the next decade of OpenInfra, and learn about the different Working Groups.