The job market, the death of the distro and the importance of OpenStack’s common culture in our weekend roundup.


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In case you missed it

Bridging the OpenStack Skills Gap

Analysts predict that lack of training and resources would cause some 7 million cloud-related jobs to go unfilled, writes Tom Norton, vice president for HP Helion OpenStack. Interested in getting a job with OpenStack? Norton offers some ways to get yourself trained, pronto.
And remember to check out the OpenStack Foundation’s training marketplace. for a wide range of bootcamps and classes.

The Death of the Distro: The Future of OpenStack

"The birth of OpenStack ushered in a necessity for the distribution; a faster, more reliable, and easier model of deployment. Many soon found the “romance of the distro” to be short-lived. In his keynote, Jesse detailed business needs, “solved problems” and remaining challenges inherent to distro-based environments and why he remains unconvinced of their place in the OpenStack market," says Jesse Proudman, CTO of Blue Box, an IBM Company, in a talk at OpenStack Day Seattle.

OpenStack Common Culture
"We started this journey with a pretty strong common culture. It was mostly oral tradition. We assumed that as OpenStack grew, our culture would naturally be assimilated by new members….

But we have doubled the number of project teams over the last year and our common culture did not naturally transmit to newcomers… It’s time to hold the culture line, rather than time to further relax it," writes Thierry Carrez, technical committee chair and release management project team lead (PTL) of the OpenStack Foundation.

Industry watch

What you need to know before considering OpenStack

OpenStack’s maturity and the prevalence of enterprise focused services firms like Mirantis, who are ready to help integrate, means more IT teams are seriously considering the leap. Before you start the journey to native public cloud however, Jonathan Bryce has four tips to make your project a success, writes Margi Murphy of ComputerWorldUK.

In our favorite headline about the Intel’s massive cash injection into Mirantis:

OpenStack’s newest sugar daddy looks to private cloud to save its bacon

"This funding doesn’t say much about OpenStack’s future, which remains cloudy so long as the project remains so cumbersome to use. Rather, the $100 million funding says everything about Intel’s future," writes Matt Asay, vice president of mobile at Adobe, on Tech Republic.

IBM extends Spectrum storage line into the cloud

"IBM is beefing up its offerings in software-defined storage, which promises to let IT departments better deal with large amounts of storage by uncoupling the management software from its underlying hardware," writes Computer World’s Joab Jackson.

OpenStack Now Offers 3 Ways To Deploy Containers

"Having first ignored containers, the OpenStack cloud suite is now moving quickly toward putting them on an equal footing with virtual machines and bare metal servers as first-class citizens in an OpenStack cloud," writes Charles Babcock at Information Week.

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