Robert Scoble on why the future looks Carina, the cloud’s brat pack and joint ventures in Asia in this week’s roundup…


There’s pretty much a tsunami of news coming from the OpenStack Summit Tokyo this week. We’ll have more coverage from the sessions and more from the participants, but as we wind up our time here in Japan, here are the news stories you won’t want to miss.

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In case you missed it

OpenStack Foundation Expands Its Efforts at Tokyo Summit
Foundation chairman of the board Alan Clark sits down with Sean Michael Kerner to talk about the future of the foundation and talk Tokyo. "For me, the highlight is just the crowd that showed up. I was quite surprised," Clark said. "Just seeing the energy that comes from 5,000 people actively participating is quite exciting."

NaaS guys finish … first: Dell, HP, Mirantis, Tintri in OpenStack brat pack
“The Tokyo OpenStack summit saw more announcements today as vendors enjoy playing the Open Stack game which, it appears, no one can lose,” says Chris Mellor at The Register.
He closes out the article with some food for thought: “But also, it appears that no one playing the OpenStack game can lose, unless users find an implementation fails for some reason. There is no opposition for vendors engaged in the game, no one vendor or group of them saying OpenStack is becoming a universal vendor box-tick: Do you support OpenStack? Yes, of course – who doesn’t?”

OpenStack Foundation addresses skills shortage with certification
Access to expertise remains a key issue within open source community, writes Matthew Finnegan in ComputerWorld UK. ““It is a relative phenomenon, the growth of cloud in general as a market and a model is explosive," OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier told press and analysts at the user group event. "It is an incredible rate at which companies are embracing the cloud technologies, both public, private and hybrid.”

Read more about it on the Foundation website on the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) page or the press release.

Why Contributing to OpenStack Makes Sense for Vendors
 “Time and again panels are discussing why contributions matter and how Amazon is or isn’t the competition…One such panel session was titled "The OpenStack Orchestra: The Next Wave of OpenStack Specialist Startups," and included executives from Mirantis, Tesora, SwiftStack and PLUMgrid,” writes Sean Michael Kerner from the Summit Tokyo in eWeek.  

A Container Stack for OpenStack
"To run containers, you need more than a container runtime and packaging format – you need an entire enterprise container infrastructure. A new “stack” for running containers in enterprise data centers and public clouds. That’s why we would like to provide an update here and encourage people to join us in Tokyo to learn more," write the helpful folks over at Red Hat.

Industry watch

Rackspace serves up free Carina Docker-based container-as-a-service beta on OpenStack
Using the native Docker API and tooling, the Carina container service aims to enable users to spin up containers quickly and easily, writes Toby Wolpe on ZDNet

Are we confused about the future of cloud? (Carina shows the way to your business’ future)
From Robert Scoble on LinkedIn: "As cloud becomes more confusing thanks to companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon bringing new capabilities to the market, you’ll want a partner who can help you not just navigate those, not just someone who will answer the phone when you need help (you’d be shocked at how hard that is at some of these companies), not just someone who has invested in tooling, opinions, education, services, but someone who can will be an accountable partner in building the future of your business."

6 Things You Need To Know About HP’s Helion OpenStack 2.0 Release
“The new platform, revealed at OpenStack Summit Tokyo, gives partners the ability to add new cloud capacity without impacting currently available cloud applications. It also includes significant user interface improvements aimed at making it easier to administer with centralized logging and monitoring, according to HP…The release comes just one week after HP said it is shutting down its HP Helion Public Cloud offering effective Jan. 31 as part of a stepped-up focus on managed and virtual private cloud offerings,” writes Steven Burke in

Why OpenStack firm Mirantis says China joint venture is key to Asia ambitions
A deal struck with Chinese cloud provider UCloud to build a new jointly-owned OpenStack company is designed to strengthen Mirantis’ hand in the burgeoning Asian open-source cloud market, says Toby Wolpe in ZDNet. “The new company, UMCloud, which already counts the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as a prize customer from an earlier Mirantis push, will sell subscription support to the Mirantis OpenStack distribution, as well as professional services, and training and certification for OpenStack.”

Hypernetes unites Kubernetes, OpenStack for multitenant container management
Hyper, creator of a VM isolated container engine that’s compatible with Docker, has debuted a project for running multitenant containers at scale. The Hypernetes project fuses the Hyper container engine with Kubernetes and uses several pieces from OpenStack to create what it describes as "a secure, multitenant Kubernetes distro." More over at InfoWorld…

Midokura has a new SDN release
Network virtualization software supports OpenStack Liberty and containers, writes Jim Duffy on Network World. “For container support, MEM supports the OpenStack Kuryr container plug-in. Kuryr is the gateway between the container networking APIs and use cases, and the Neutron APIs and services, Midokura says…”

Cloud chatter

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