Community members have until Oct. 21 to weigh in on five nominees.


Who do you think should win the Superuser Award for the Berlin Summit? Cast your vote before October 21 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

When evaluating the nominees for the Superuser Award, take into account the unique nature of use case(s), as well as integrations and applications of OpenStack by each particular team.

Check out highlights from the five nominees and click on the links for the full applications:

  • Adform, CloudServices Team
    “We have three OpenStack deployments for different tiers in seven regions all over the world. In total there are over 4,500 VMs on over 200 hosts. It’s used by several hundred company developers to provide service to millions of users.”
  • City Network’s R&D, Professional Services, Education and Engineering teams
    “We run our public OpenStack based cloud in eight regions across three continents. All of our data centers are interconnected via private networks. In addition to our public cloud, we provide a pan-European cloud for verticals where regulatory compliance is paramount (e.g. banking and financial services, government, healthcare) addressing all regulatory challenges. Over 2,000 users of our infrastructure-as-a-service solutions run over 25,000 cores in production.”
  • Cloud&Heat
    Cloud&Heat developed their own server hardware, water-cooled and operated by OpenStack. The heat of the water is used for energy optimizing in households, offices and commercial enterprises, making a huge use case how OpenStack can save the planet.” Cloud&Heat was nominated by a third party and did not submit a complete application. Judges will take into account their partial application when evaluating the nominees.  More on how they operate here.
  • Linaro
    “Thanks to OpenStack and Ceph we have been able to share hardware with different open source teams and vendors that are trying to make their software multi-architecture aware…In addition, we are changing the culture of cross compiling for Arm architecture, assisting anyone that has to cross compile their Arm binaries to build natively.”
  • ScaleUp Technologies
    We currently have three production OpenStack installations in both Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. Together with another hosting partner we are currently building a third OpenStack cloud in Dusseldorf, Germany. These infrastructures will soon be connected via a dedicated 10-gigabit backbone ring. Earlier this year, we started working on some edge-related activities and are now building OpenStack-based edge clouds on hyper converged hardware for customers.”

Cast your vote here! The deadline is Sunday, October 21 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Previous winners include AT&T, CERN, China Mobile, Comcast, NTT Group, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and the Tencent TStack Team.

The Berlin Summit Superuser Awards are sponsored by Zenko, the open source multi-cloud data controller.