Learn how to overcome common security challenges faced in the cloud.


In this session, Intel’s own Principal Engineer, Raghu Yeluri, discusses the importance of establishing and maintaining a foundation of trust — especially as more workloads are moving into virtualization and cloud.

To kick off the conversation, Raghu describes three core security challenges faced in a cloud environment. These include:

  • As a service provider, how do you meet and prove compliance to tenants?
  • As a tenant, how can you protect your VMs/workloads in the cloud?
  • As a tenant, how can you have visibility and control in a cloud?

Based upon firsthand experience, he offers granular solutions that address these challenges head on:

  • Trusted compute pools
  • Hardware-based geotagging
  • VM protection

Finally, Raghu provides details on McAfee’s OpenStack Connector for ePO that discovers and secures workloads in real-time, enabling security that auto-scales with the OpenStack Cloud.

To brush up on trust and compliance in the cloud, check out the video to learn more.