More on the projects they’re tacking with seasoned community members.


OpenStack provides open source software for building public and private clouds. The community is constantly moving and growing and very excited to invite newcomers; one of the ways we do that is through Outreachy internships.

A brief intro to the Outreachy program

Outreachy helps people from underrepresented groups get involved in free and open source software. This internships last three months and are organized twice a year. Several open source projects including GNOME, KDE, oVirt, Linux Kernel, Mozilla, Wikimedia, QEMU, Xen and, of course, OpenStack join and invite applicants to work on their projects.

Here’s what the current group will be working on this term with their mentors:

– Bugosi Phionah Nagaza, from Kampala, Uganda, working on “Go and Container related projects in OpenStack” with Davanum Srinivas.
– Kirsten Garrison, from Los Angeles, California working on “Container Monitoring” with Spyros Trigazis.
– Maysa de Macedo Souza, from Campina Grande, Brazil, working on “Add introspection HTTP REST points to the Kubernetes API watchers” with Antoni Segura Puimedon.
– Suramia Shah, from Almora, Uttrakhand, India working on “Consolidate Keystone docs” with Lance Brangstad.

Victoria Martínez de la Cruz, a former intern who now acts as volunteer coordinator, has this to say about the internship program.

“I strongly believe this program is making a huge change, both for the communities involved and the interns. During my time as an intern, I learned a lot about open source, not only the technical aspects but also the social ones,” she says. “Now, as a mentor, I expect to give something back to our community and share this knowledge with newcomers, giving them the opportunity to work on something that inspires them, encouraging them to reach their goals and helping to reduce the diversity gap we nowadays have in most open source communities. Our community needs motivated hands and a fresh look to keep making OpenStack a huge success.”

If you’re interested in applying for the next round or helping out as a mentor, applications open February 12. Check out the timelines and application tips on the Wiki page.