Some picks from the most recent crop of OpenStack manuals.


Yeah, we know: books are #oldschool. They can come in handy (and we don’t mean as a doorstop, either) when you’re trying to pick up knowledge, though. Here are some picks from the most recent crop of OpenStack books.

7 steps to becoming a Certified OpenStack Administrator

The Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam prepares students for the upcoming Newton version of the exam on Ubuntu 16.04. Author Matthew Dorn focuses on providing a clear, concise strategy so you gain the specific skills required to pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam. The book includes exercises and performance-based tasks to ensure all exam objectives can be completed via the Horizon dashboard and command-line interface


How to design and implement successful private clouds with OpenStack

Michael Solberg and Ben Silverman wrote “OpenStack for Architects,” a guide to walk you through the major decision points to make effective blueprints for an OpenStack private cloud.  Solberg, chief architect at Red Hat, and Silverman principal cloud architect for OnX Enterprise Solutions, penned the 214-page book available in multiple formats from Packt Publishing.

“OpenStack Application Essentials”

This booklet by the Enterprise Working Group focuses on designing, migrating and deploying applications. It’s available gratis online, print on demand. It aims to help application developers the most, focusing on the factors they should keep in mind to best leverage OpenStack to increase the value of a new or an existing product.

Tips for keeping your OpenStack ops moving

This eBook from Canonical offers up a four-phase plan to remobilizing the what it calls “StuckStack infrastructure” to regain organizational agility.

Here are some salient excerpts from the book titled “How to escape StuckStack and profit from your OpenStack investment” which you can download for free with registration here.

OpenStack for the cloud challenged

Need to explain cloud to your client? “OpenStack for Dummies,” a free ebook from vScaler, sets out to do just that.

All clients are newbies. Or “dummies” to use the term that publisher Wiley made popular. That’s why London-based vScaler wrote a book for potential clients who may be cloud-challenged called “OpenStack for Dummies.” Written in collaboration with Wiley, the eBook is offered free with registration on their website and serves as a “gentle starting point” for newcomers.

More space on the shelf? Head to the Marketplace

And if you want to fill out your shelf more, remember that the OpenStack Marketplace — your one-stop shop for training, distros, private-cloud-as-a-service and more — now offers a selection of technical publications, too. The listings are not affiliate links, but offered as a way to highlight the efforts of community members.

Under the “books” heading, you’ll find titles by Stackers including “Mastering OpenStack,” “OpenStack Networking Essentials,” and “OpenStack: Building a Cloud Environment.”