Adobe’s Advertising cloud runs OpenStack in production across six data centers in the US, Europe and Asia says cloud platform manager Joseph Sandoval.


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Here we catch up with Adobe’s cloud platform manager Joseph Sandoval. If you’re interested in hearing more, Adobe will be keynoting at the upcoming Sydney Summit.

Describe how are you using OpenStack. What kinds of applications or workloads are you currently running on OpenStack?

Adobe Advertising Cloud is running OpenStack in production across six data centers in the US, Europe and Asia. We’re running a high volume real-time bidding application that requires low latency and high throughput to meet our growing customers demands.

What business results, at a high level, have you seen from using OpenStack? What have been the biggest benefits to your organization as a result of using OpenStack? How are you measuring the impact?

We’re seeing higher performance with a purpose-built architecture that meets our application needs. As our business continues to grow, there are demands for increased compute. OpenStack allows us to scale in repeatable modules which scale up without scaling the team out. We tracked our application performance metrics running on OpenStack Icehouse and public cloud and both had performed equally. With our recent upgrade to Mitaka, we have measured a massive performance gain (three times faster) compared to our public-cloud instances.

What’s a challenge that you’ve faced within your organization regarding OpenStack and how did you overcome it?

Our engineering community understands public cloud and the benefits it brings but had concerns about going to private cloud. But by evangelizing the platform and providing tooling that helped them get productive quickly on a purpose-built private cloud, engineers experience the benefits and agility and build features that are optimized for a consistent compute platform.


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