“Being able to go to OpenStack Days is really important,” says executive director Jonathan Bryce.


OpenStack Days are a great way to get plugged into the community near you — whether you’re based in Bangalore or Mexico City.

There were around 20 of them spanning the globe in 2017, and many are already in the planning stages for next year.
You’ll find a list of upcoming OpenStack events — including meetup groups, hackathons and Openstack Days at https://www.openstack.org/community/events/ And if you’re interested in launching an OpenStack Day in your corner, here’s where to find more information.

“People can’t always travel to every Summit…Being able to go to OpenStack Days is really important,” executive director Jonathan Bryce said speaking at the recent OpenStack Days UK.

Participating companies at that event included Memset, UKcloud, DataCentred, Stack Evolution, Rackspace and packed talks by CERN’s Tim Bell and busy sessions with the Public Cloud Working group. Each event features a tailored agenda, the UK Days offered cross-cloud demos, interviews, keynotes and upstream office hours.

Openstack Days typically feature a mix of local and international experts who can distill what the technology means in an immediate way.

“OpenStack now represents to many degrees an operating system for the data center,” says Mark Baker, OpenStack director at Ubuntu, who keynoted at the UK Days with a talk titled “OpenStack and the invisible gorilla.”  “It’s really helping customers deliver scalable, agile applications on-premises in a way that they couldn’t do with any other technology.

The OpenStack Days also act as a bridge to the larger community.

“In addition to the really high-value end users and suppliers that are here, we’re in a global conversation,” noted Colin Bridger, senior director of Northern Europe at Mellanox at the UK Days. “It’s a really important event for us.”

See more from the OpenStack UK Days in the roundup video below.