Hear experts from AT&T, Verizon, Juniper Networks and more.


Join the people building and operating open infrastructure at the OpenStack Summit Berlin in November. The Summit schedule features over 200 sessions organized by use cases including: artificial intelligence and machine learning, high performance computing, edge computing, network functions virtualization, container infrastructure and public, private and multi-cloud strategies.

Here we’re highlighting some of the sessions you’ll want to add to your schedule about edge computing. Check out the entire offering here.

Beyond the Hype: Edge Computing Working Group update

The Edge Computing Working Group has been busy defining use cases — from smart remote cameras, streaming content, augmented reality, gaming —- and hammering out new ways of deploying emerging technology networks. Join this panel session to hear more how about the group has engaged with the larger OpenStack and Open Source communities over the past year on a number of projects including:

  • Keystone development to support edge clouds
  • Glance support for federated models
  • Related projects such as Cyborg, Airship and StarlingX
  • Data synchronization with edge clouds
  • Work with adjacent communities: OPNFV edge cloud project, more communities to come
  • Vendor and user collaboration

Details here.

Orchestration and management for edge application with ONAP

In 2018, Akraino was proposed to be the first open-source collaborative project exclusively for edge clouds in Linux Foundation. Akraino is a framework which integrates projects like ONAP, StarlingX etc. ONAP project handles orchestration and life cycle management on the top layer. StarlingX project is expected to serve as the edge cloud platform which integrates several OpenStack services on the bottom layer. In the presentation, Yang Yan (CMCC) and Shane Wang (Intel) will introduce the joint integration work across the work flow of edge deployment and the internal mechanism of life cycle management. Details here.

Living on the Edge: Combining OpenStack, Kubernetes and Tungsten Fabric to make edge computing a reality

Edge compute deployments require optimized network and policy control, with a focus on reduced footprint.
This presentation by Marc Rapoport, Juniper Networks,  will focus on the challenges introduced by these large-scale distributed deployments and on the latest enhancements introduced in Tungsten Fabric, OpenStack and Kubernetes to deliver an optimized architecture for the edge compute use case.
Details here.

Don’t Touch That! Addressing edge infrastructure management

Edge infrastructure management has many unique challenges including restricted access, number of sites, limited connectivity and amount of available overhead for management infrastructure. Each of these presents significant hurdles for running distributed sites and many operators face all of them. Rob Hirschfeld, RackN CEO, will examine these and other edge IT management challenges with an eye towards pragmatic solutions and industry parallels. He’ll spend extra time looking at how cloud deployment approaches like immutable infrastructure, blue/green deployments and continuous integration can be applied at the edge.
Hirschfeld brings his unique hardware dev-ops perspective and the opinions of his guest from “the latest shiny” – his edge-focused podcast.
Details here.

Infrastructure and network APIs at the edge

While initial software at the edge will consist of wireless as well as wireline access and core network functions, the real innovations will be driven by third-party applications such as IoT, media, analytics, AR/VR etc. Pervasive edge optimized software development and fast deployment of these 3rd party applications, however, will require open APIs towards the edge infrastructure and network services. In addition to ease of onboarding, these APIs will enable ways to use information about the network and the available resources.
In this presentation, Haseeb Akhtar (Ericsson) and Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel (AT&T) will share:

  • Key architectural options of exposing infrastructure (e.g., OpenStack, Kubernetes, hardware etc.) and network (e.g., 5G RAN, Core etc.) APIs at the edge.
  • API requirements of third-party applications at the edge. What are their wants vs. needs?
  • The role of OpenStack, Kubernetes, ONAP etc. to include infrastructure information in the APIs.
  • A potential list of network APIs that can be used by these third-party applications.

Details here.

See you at the OSF Summit in Berlin, November 15-18 2018! Register here.