Join the global community to collaborate and attend sessions to help you build your container infrastructure strategy.


Join the open source community at the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai. The Summit schedule features over 100 sessions organized by use cases including:  container infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning, high performance computing, 5G, edge computing, network functions virtualization, and public, private and multi-cloud strategies. 

Here we’re highlighting some of the sessions you don’t want to miss about container infrastructure. Check out the full list of sessions from this track here

Kata Containers: a Cornerstone for Financial Grade Cloud Native Infrastructure

In 2017, the Kata Containers project was formed out of the code bases contributed by Intel Clear Containers and Hyper.SH runV. A year and a half later, the OpenStack Foundation confirmed Kata Containers as a top level OpenInfra project and became a de facto standard of open source virtualized container technology. Meanwhile, joined forces with Ant Financial to build the CloudNative infrastructure for financial services based on secure containers. 

During this session, Ant Financial’s Xu Wang will focus on an introduction to Kata Containers and AntFin’s secure containers practice. 

Keystone as The Authentication Center for OpenStack and Kubernetes

With the increase of container services, cloud platforms cannot meet the needs of customers due to only providing virtual machine and bare metal services. Customers need to be able to consume all three services so a unified user management and authentication system is a necessity. H3C Technologies decided to use Keystone as their user management and authentication service. Jun Gu and James Xu from H3C will cover the following topics during this session: 

  1. Introduction to Keystone
  2. User management and authentication for K8s & OpenStack
  3. Keystone enhancement
  4. Integrated with third parties

Run Kubernetes on OpenStack and Bare Metal fast

Running Kubernetes on top of OpenStack provides high levels of automation and scalability. Kuryr is an OpenStack project that is a CNI plugin using Neutron and Octavia to provide networking for pods and services being primarily designed for Kubernetes clusters running on OpenStack machines. 

Tests were performed to check how Kuryr increases the networking performance when running Kubernetes on OpenStack when compared to using OpenShift/OVS SDN. In this session, Ramon Acedo Rodriquez from Red Hat will update the latest integrations and architecture to run Kubernetes clusters on OpenStack and bare metal. In addition, Rodriquez will discuss aspects of performance improvements using Kuryr as the SDN by showing his test results. 


Join the global community, November 4-6 in Shanghai for these sessions and more that can help you create a strategy to solve your organization’s container infrastructure needs.