The Meetup, held August 9-10 in Mexico City, is a chance for operators to share best practices and war stories.


If you run an OpenStack cloud, attending the next Ops Meetup is a great way to swap best practices and share war stories.

This time around, it’ll be held in Mexico City’s Digital Culture Center, August 9-10. (Previous editions focused on providing input for upcoming releases, however with the addition of the Forum, ops folks are invited to collaborate with OpenStack upstream developers to share feedback and shape upcoming releases at the Summit.)

You still have time to influence the sessions – so check out the Etherpad, where you’ll also find hotel info. Suggestions so far include containers, an Ironic workshop and upgrade challenges. Tickets, limited to 150 participants, cost $20.

Got questions? Reach out to Tom Fifield at or the OpenStack Ops mailing list.

Cover Photo // CC BY NC