Three new members will be weighing in on the Superuser Awards and shaping editorial content.


We’re excited to announce three new members of our Board. They’ll be joining the other five members to weigh in on this edition of the Superuser Awards as well as contributing ideas and shaping editorial content.

Here’s a bit more about the new members, in alphabetical order:

Mark Korondi

“When I’m consulting with clients I recommend FOSS solutions for all their needs when possible. And building datacenter infrastructure is possible with OpenStack…I am keen to work with them on these kind of projects and integrations into their current system. I especially like the concept of the open, standardized platform APIs which makes their architecture future-proof and removes a lot of vendor-lock-in. As an OpenStack enthusiast, I attend the local meetup groups and even organize quite a large event, the OpenStack CEE days in Budapest. I take the opportunity to explain and help to understand why the emphasis is on the _open_ infrastructure.” He’s also been involved with OpenStack Swift and taught at the  OpenStack Upstream Institute
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Twitter: kmarc

Trinh Nguyen

“For a very long time in Vietnam, the big companies and government control the Internet infrastructure because of their resources and capital. That stops many potential individuals and small companies from growing and offering innovative services that can make it a better world. Open infrastructure will open a lot of opportunities for the under privileges people in Vietnam and other countries. As a technologist, I see myself have the responsibility to help to push the open infrastructure movement forward and change the world.” He’s worked on Tacker, Freezer, Fenix, Searchlight, Kolla and is currently the project team lead for Searchlight.
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Ben Silverman

“My interests vary from open hardware architecture to open infrastructure platforms (OpenStack mostly) to open NFV and telco specific operating environments. I am hands-on with many of these platforms since I lead a solution and sales engineering group inside of my company as well as by night I’m frequently busy in my own labs…I’ve been involved with OpenStack for the past 5 years and have contributed heavily to the OpenStack Foundation’s documentation. Most recently I was tasked with re-writing most of the content in the OpenStack Architecture Guide… I am also active with OpenStack Edge Telco and Use Case special interest groups and involved directly and indirectly with the architecture discussions that bridge OpenStack Edge concepts with CORD and OPNFV.
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Twitter: @bensilverm
Books “OpenStack for Architects,” “OpenStack: Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure”



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