Learn how to pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam from OpenStack training experts.


Is OpenStack certification one of your 2017 goals? We asked the experts–OpenStack training partners who teach COA prep courses–for their best tips on how to pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam. We’ll be adding daily tips now through the New Year, so check back for more COA prep!

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Kumulus Technologies

Kumulus Technologies

Robert Starmer from Kumulus Technologies say that the key to passing the COA is, “to actually execute the types of commands suggested by the topic list. In this way, you not only ensure that you’ve seen the entire list of topics, but you’ve had a chance to try to execute the sorts of commands and actions that you’ll likely be asked to execute during the test!”

Component Soft

Component Soft OpenStack Training

The COA exam requirements are available on openstack.org. Component Soft tells test takers, “Allow yourself enough time to practice hands-on exercises with all the OpenStack topics in the OpenStack COA Requirements before taking the test.”  

Through Component Soft training, “Participants of the OST-104: OpenStack Admin. and COA exam prep training of Component Soft can do these exercises not only during the course but will also receive one week extra remote lab access after the training by request.”

99cloud, Certified OpenStack Administrator provider
The COA exam is currently only offered in English. For non-native English speakers, COA Training Partner 99Cloud says, “Make sure you fully understand each task, and what you are being asked to do.”

99Cloud offers COA Training in Chinese, and is a China-based provider of the COA exam. Learn more about their Certified OpenStack Administrator training.