Apply to help out for the next round by January 23.


If you’ve been involved with open source projects for more than 29 seconds, you know it takes a village.

The OpenStack community has been helping out with Google’s Summer of Code for college developers since 2014. In January, participating organizations line up mentors and the projects that everyone will work together on for the summer ahead.

That’s where you come in: if you have expertise and want to give back — as well as have a project itch to scratch — get your name in and your project ideas down now.

Applicants may not have ever worked on open-source projects before and come with different levels of competence. The best ideas are ones that can be done by inexperienced contributors, developers or other people from other fields (marketing, communication, graphic design, and anything that may be useful for OpenStack and to include new people in this community).

Ideas can range from Go and container-related projects in OpenStack to writing the “missing manuals” or updating documentation. For example, during the Pike release cycle, interns migrated the identity docs to the Keystone repository. The hope is that now, there will be eager newcomers to consolidate those docs, making sure they’re useful and accurate, not duplicated and use consistent patterns to ease maintenance.

Deadline for mentor applications for the Summer 2018 edition is January 23. (If you’re a student interested in applying, that deadline is in March. You’ll find more information about how you can get started now here.)

If you’re unsure about what mentoring entails, check out the GSoC Mentoring Manual for more information as well as some useful tips and tricks on mentoring.

Once you’ve decided, you can just add your name in the OpenStack Google Summer of Code 2018 wiki page and then add your project ideas here. Make sure you leave your contact information in the OpenStack GSoC 2018 wiki and that you add all of the
salient details about the project idea as well.

If you have questions, comment or concerns, get in touch with coordinators, mentors and students through the openstack-dev mailing list and openstack-internships mailing list or on IRC in #openstack-gsoc at