Answer this short survey before February 28, 2019.


Help inform the OpenStack community on how to improve contributor diversity by taking the current survey.  It’s a speedy 16 questions total with queries about “Where do you identify on the gender spectrum?” (32 check boxes available), linguistic diversity, disability and a final fill-in-the-blank option to tell pollsters anything they didn’t ask but need to know about.

These surveys have been carried out periodically — along with independent research on gender in the OSF community, latest pre-print of that here. The first diversity survey was launched to sound out the community in the fall of 2015; the latest edition got started in August and is the first since the Women of OpenStack group folded into the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group.  That move was aimed at bringing in folks who don’t identify as women and making allies feel more welcome, says Amy Marrich, a former WOO member who now runs the D&I WG. “There have always been comments from allies about not attending things like the WOO networking lunch because they didn’t want to intrude. We definitely didn’t want to exclude anyone.”

This time the survey team is working with members of the CHAOSS project, Linux Foundation project focused on creating analytics and metrics to help define community health. They’ll be assisting by helping analyze the results and feeding the results into the CHAOSS software and metrics development work so that other open source projects can benefit.

Please take the time to fill out the survey and share it with others in the community. You’ll find the survey at:

Get involved

Beyond the survey, you can participate in meetings of the The Diversity & Inclusion WG held every two weeks on Mondays at 17:00 UTC in the #openstack-diversity channel on IRC. You can also check out the current and previous agendas at the Etherpad.

And if you’re headed to the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summits, stay tuned. Superuser will feature updates on the workshops, lunches and events focusing on diversity.