We’ve extended the deadline for the second annual awards. Winners will take the stage at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada in May.


Superuser awards recognize a team that uses OpenStack to meaningfully improve their business and differentiate in a competitive industry, while also contributing back to the community.

If you fit the bill, or know a team that does, you’ve got until midnight Central Time March 22 to submit a nomination here. (We’ve extended the deadline in response to your feedback!)

Last year, the super team at CERN won the first award at the Paris Summit. Tim Bell, of the IT operating systems and infrastructure group at CERN, will be passing the baton to this year’s winner at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.

CERN was chosen as the winner from an impressive roster of finalists, including teams from Comcast, MercadoLibre, and Time Warner Cable. The OpenStack Infrastructure team took home an honorable mention.

When evaluating contestants for the Superuser Award, judges take into account the unique nature of use case(s), as well as integrations and applications of OpenStack performed by a particular team. Additional selection criteria includes:

  • Demonstration of organizational transformation
  • Interesting workloads, applications and use cases running on OpenStack
  • Quantitative or qualitative results of performance, money or time-to-market saved with OpenStack cloud infrastructure
  • Growth and maturity of deployment, in terms of size and number of users
  • Community impact in terms of code contributions, feedback, knowledge sharing, etc.

For more information about the Superuser Awards, please visit http://superuser.openinfra.dev/awards.