This open-source tool makes it easier to translate your projects.


Think global, speak local is the unofficial motto of the OpenStack internationalization (I18n) team.

Their mission is to make OpenStack accessible to people of all language backgrounds by enhancing OpenStack software internationalization, providing translation, maintaining a translation platform and managing the translation process.

The migration to a translation tool called Zanata has been called a "big change" so
Superuser reached out to Ying Chun "Daisy" Guo, OpenStack global translation coordinator, IBM, to find out what these changes mean and how you can get involved.

How has Zanata changed your team’s work?

Zanata is an open-source translation tool. The Infrastructure team helped deploy it on top of OpenStack infrastructure, so OpenStack now has its own dedicated translation website. That means that 60+ OpenStack projects have set up the corresponding translation projects there.

Unlike using a common translation website, we are now able to keep and store all the translation assets in OpenStack infrastructure and within OpenStack community, but the translation process has not changed at all.

What about the integration with OpenStack ID – is it helping with metrics or other aspects of your work?

Translators can use their OpenStack ID to log in to translation website. Anyone with an OpenStack ID can help to contribute translation work.

What contributions do you need from the community as this release cycle closes?

There are two kinds of contributions I need:
◦ I hope to find proofreaders who can help to proofread the translated documents and use the translated dashboard.
◦ I also hope to find technical contributors who can improve the translation process and tools, for example, who can collect and share metrics about the translators.

Get involved

Mailing List:
◦ The team is active on the mailing list [email protected]
◦ We all hang out on #openstack-i18n IRC channel on Freenode.
• Team Meeting
◦ The I18n team meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at alternating times.
◦ Please see Meetings/I18nTeamMeeting

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