“I moved all of my money to a new bank that’s digitally native,” says Abby Kearns of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.


You might think you’re committed to cloud computing, but not many of us would put our money where our mouth is. Abby Kearns, executive director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, did just that.

“I chose to stop going to my bank, in fact I moved all of my money to a new bank that’s digitally native. From day one it was simple, easy to use and it put me in control control over my time,” she said from the keynote stage at LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen. At a time when so many industries are moving to the cloud — from retail to pizza delivery — she opted to chose her bank because of the way that it uses the cloud.

It’s a huge growth sector: over the next 18 months, Kearns predicts a 100 percent uptick in cloud native applications that organizations are developing and using cloud-native apps.  The impact will be felt in a number of company roles. CIOs are thinking about how to do more with what they already have, yet still be innovative and keep an eye on the future while saving money. For operators and architects, the focus is on how to build the infrastructure that supports future needs and helps deliver services. Developers are change agents, creating the new applications that are going to allow organizations to be competitive.

“Each and every one of your jobs have gotten harder, but what if we could make it easier? Imagine what we could all collectively solve together,” she says. That’s where open source comes in. “The capabilities that we can bring to bear around cloud are way more powerful through open source…but ultimately we’re talking about digital transformation: the ability for your organizations to become software companies, to write and develop code and get it into production as quickly as possible. And that’s any code and on any cloud.”

She offered a couple of examples from Cloud Foundry users of how this is playing out. Take Volkswagen, where the smart cars of today and tomorrow are driven by a dev team that works in the cloud creating apps for 12 brands. Or the United States Air Force, which flipped the amount spent on maintaining infrastructure and R&D  from 70 to 30 percent respectively, thanks to cloud.
Kearns also covers the importance of interoperability and its critical role in the future success of tech.

Check out the entire keynote on Youtube or below.

Photo // CC BY NC