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How to write a Nova filter scheduler for Trove

Matt Fischer breaks the rules and shows how to use Nova to schedule instances on Trove.

Published on October 6, 2016

What I Hope to Get From the OpenStack Vancouver Summit

Matt Fischer, principal engineer at Time Warner Cable, shares survival tips for the Summit: backup plans, a beer list and a talk that he promises will be better than "Cats."

Published on May 11, 2015

Scale & Maturity: Thoughts on the OpenStack Mid-Cycle Operators Meetup

Matt Fischer, principal engineer at Time Warner Cable, shares his takeaways from Philadelphia and a wish list for future improvements.

Published on March 24, 2015

What Do OpenStack Operators Do All Day?

The life of an OpenStack operator is always interesting, says Matt Fischer. "There’s no shortages of things to fix, things to improve, and things to learn, and that’s why I love it."

Published on February 2, 2015

My Key Learning from Paris

The French food is amazing, of course, but lessons from the OpenStack Summit go beyond boeuf bourgignon. By Matt Fischer

Published on December 1, 2014

A Path Towards Contributing (Via Commits) In OpenStack

How Matt Fischer met his goal of contributing 12 patches to OpenStack in 2014.

Published on July 3, 2014