The OpenInfra Foundation annual report for 2021 is now live, including sections on open infrastructure growth, all OpenInfra projects, Foundation updates, SIG and WG updates, and more.


OpenDev believes that free software needs free tools. OpenDev is a collaboratory for open source software development at a huge scale. Its focus is on code review, continuous integration, and project hosting provided exclusively through open source solutions like Git, Gerrit, Zuul, and Gitea.

2021 has been a year of streamlining and improved sustainability for OpenDev. We have converted additional services to our modern configuration management systems including Mailman, Refstack, Kerberos, OpenAFS, and our IRC bots.

A number of services like Mailman, Gerrit, Zuul, and Nodepool have received operating system upgrades on their underlying host systems. This will help ensure we can continue to run these services well into the future. We have also continued to improve our “testing like production” CI and CD systems for our services. This enables us to confidently upgrade services like Gerrit, Gitea, Etherpad, Zuul, and more with minimal effort when new versions are released. We bump versions in our Dockerfiles then rely on testing to tell us if everything will deploy to production and run correctly.

Finally, we’ve also started to shutdown long running services that no longer receive the necessary attention to continue running in OpenDev. The OpenStackID service has shifted over to being run by the Open Infrastructure Foundation (Now renamed OpenInfraID), and the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana services for CI job results are being taken over by OpenStack project contributors within the Testing and Collaboration Tools SIG.

The year had its challenges. The Freenode IRC network which OpenDev relied upon for synchronous communications experienced an ownership change, and subsequent fallout made the platform untenable for our users. The OpenDev team was already maintaining a backup set of channels on the OFTC IRC network. Once our users made the decision to switch networks we quickly mirrored remaining channels, moving bots and copying access control lists to the new network. This necessitated a conversion of our meetbot from the supybot platform to limnoria. A number of our homegrown bots also needed updates to handle different authentication procedures with OFTC. The Covid 19 pandemic continues to create challenges for travel and in person events. The OpenDev team supported the Foundation’s 2021 virtual PTG events via our Jitsi Meet based Meetpad service for video conferencing and scheduling via the IRC PTGbot and Ethercalc.

2021 brought new and improved tooling to our users. The Zuul project converted to the open source Matrix platform for communications. The OpenDev team is managing an Element Matrix Services Matrix instance for OpenDev communities now. Matrix rooms hosted on OpenDev’s homeserver can make use of our logging and Gerrit bots, but there is no meeting functionality yet. Bindep and git-review saw three new releases. The git-review updates are important as they bring better support for newer Git. A new release of the Gear library was made to accommodate changes to OpenSSL as well.

On the CI front we’ve made a number of exciting updates. Zuul’s Scheduler is no longer a single point of failure in our installation, as OpenDev is continuously deploying the latest Zuul updates and running active-active Zuul Schedulers. In the future this should ensure that Zuul downtimes are rare, and users will no longer need to experience re-enqueued jobs when we perform upgrades. We have added support for CentOS Stream images (both releases 8 and 9), Debian Bullseye, and Euler Linux in our CI system. Users should note that CentOS 8 has reached its End of Life and users should migrate to Stream or some other platform. We updated the default CI image from Ubuntu Bionic Beaver to Ubuntu Focal Fossa. OpenDev added a second set of ARM64 test resources donated by Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab. This means we now have redundant ARM64 test clouds with additional capacity. These resources help test and build packages for OpenStack, Python Cryptography, and more.

Our users had a busy year. 43,874 changes pushed by 1,549 committers were merged on OpenDev in 2021. These changes received 372,084 reviews made by 1,713 reviewers across 966 active project repos. Our users communicate well too. The mailing lists hosted by OpenDev received 9,854 posts from 868 senders. The chat platforms we moderate received 601,175 messages from 2,469 participants.

OpenDev continues to be a community effort. The success of this endeavor relies upon all the people who collaborate to help us out. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible throughout 2021, and welcome those who want to assist in 2022!

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