Superusers open up about OpenStack community impact on their internal teams


"OpenStack has impacted our team building in a number of ways. One is that we’re now looking for a different type of resource than we had before. Developers nowadays are not just folks coding — they’re also participants in a broader community."Toby Ford, AVP, IT Operations Strategic Realization at AT&T

"When we’re participating in meetups and when people are looking for work, they know who we are, what we’re talking about and what we’re doing. That helps us hire people, get features developed, and it helps us have a community."Reinhardt Quelle, Operations Architect at Cisco

"By being actively involved within the community, we can attract talent for our own organization."Igor Bolotin, Cloud Architect at eBay

"The software development mentality has spread to everyone who supports and utilizes OpenStack throughout the entire company."Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO at DigitalFilm Tree

"It has changed the way that we work — I’ve seen the teams I’m on become more and more distributed, with more and more remote workers."Matt Van Winkle, Manager Cloud Engineering at Rackspace

"From a technologist’s perspective, it has been a huge amount of fun to work with lots of smart people that have very cool ideas about how they want to develop software, and what direction they want to take it in."Pravir Chandra, Head of Security Architecture at Bloomberg LP

Image credit: "vintage globes" by denise.weerke