Superusers at the Atlanta Summit reveal the competitive advantages they experience as part of the OpenStack community


"The primary impact of being a part of and leveraging the OpenStack community is velocity of our application development. We’re delivering new features, new products, far faster than we’ve ever done before."Reinhardt Quelle, Operations Architect at Cisco

"We have hard deadlines and hard air dates for TV shows. Being able to shift and adapt that compute infrastructure, that storage infrastructure, that networking infrastructure is a tremendous advantage."Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO at DigitalFilm Tree

"One of the advantages that OpenStack allows us is for our developers to iterate faster and be able to get better products out to our customers quicker. That speed and agility is something we find very important."Justin Erenkrantz, Head of Cloud Architecture at Bloomberg LP

"We’re in a highly volatile, highly competitive business. You’re dealing with shows that only last for 6 months, and you have to design a custom workflow for that show. Having an infrastructure that can change made us more profitable as a business. Hopefully, the quality of life of our employees went up as a result."Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO at DigitalFilm Tree

"It’s pretty key to what we’re doing, both internally and externally. We’re deploying our entire platform to OpenStack all at once. We’re able to stand up an entire platform environment with one command."Kristina Clair, Senior Devops Engineer at Cisco

"I think the big impact for Bloomberg in using OpenStack and looking to the future, is how we’re going to be able to expand our services to customers by using OpenStack infrastructure. Again, through the agility and the flexibility that it gives you, it allows us to give new things to our customers."Pravir Chandra, Head of Security Architecture at Bloomberg LP

"With OpenStack, we’ve deployed several OpenStack clusters which we’re making available to internal developers to work on their new ideas. Also in production to push out those ideas from the development side into the production side with minimal fuss and energy."Caius Howcroft, Head Engineer and R&D at Cloud Infrastructure Group

"OpenStack has given me a feature that 3 or 4 years ago, I didn’t think was going to exist."Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO at DigitalFilm Tree