Superusers discuss the benefits of getting involved within the OpenStack community


"There’s a community in almost every city. Go meet your friends, get an understanding of what they’re living through. The power of the open source community is that you can talk to someone else who has been through it."Das Kamhout, Principal Engineer and Cloud Architect at Intel

"There’s always somebody somewhere in the community that has done what you’re trying to do."Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO at DigitalFilm Tree

"One of the things that attracted us to OpenStack in the first place was as an open, flexible, loosely coupled system it was possible for the community to add all these things. I didn’t rely on a particular vendor to provide a particular feature — they did it in their own way, on their own time."Reinhardt Quelle, Operations Architect at Cisco

"There are lots of actual operators involved now. There are lots of companies that are using it, and it has taken off quite a bit."Pravir Chandra, Head of Security Architecture at Bloomberg LP

"Having this wide range of skillsets and talented people writing software, testing it, giving feedback and building it up is a huge competitive advantage."Matt Van Winkle, Manager of Cloud Engineering at Rackspace

"Being a Superuser means improving myself everyday with the help of the OpenStack community. I now have the opportunity to work with other people that face the same challenges as me as a cloud operator."Mathieu Gagné, Cloud Engineer at iWeb/Internap

"The people who are contributing to it, either as users or as people running the cloud, get great feedback from the OpenStack community (blogs, mailing lists) and they help other users through things like"Tim Bell, IT Infrastructure Services Manager at CERN

Image credit: "teamwork 5" by D I