David Flanders and Bruno Morel offer a tutorial using Shade to connect clouds around the world in under an hour.


Shade is a simple client library for interacting with OpenStack clouds.

To highlight how simple yet powerful it is, David Flanders, community wrangler at the OpenStack Foundation and Bruno Morel, software developer director at Internap put it to work in this video tutorial.

In under 50 minutes, they show how a group of researchers might access an application from different data centers around the world using Shade. For the tutorial, the pair use an app based on the My First App guide that creates fractals.

The video also shows how to create a security group applied to the instances launched on multiple clouds across the globe, from Amsterdam to San Jose, California.

_The Application Ecosystem Working Group develops training materials to help prepare community members for hackathons. To get involved, please contact David Flanders through his website or over IRC where his nickname is dfflanders._

Cover Photo // CC by NC