The future for Yahoo! Japan is bright, and OpenStack will play a pivotal role.


At the 2013 OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong, Norifumi Matsuya (Technical Director at Yahoo! Japan) described exactly how they’re using OpenStack in their efforts.

By the end of 2014, 80% of Yahoo! Japan’s 50,000 Virtual Machines will be managed by OpenStack.

Originally, they were designing their own private cloud system in-house, but because the development of OpenStack was amazingly fast, they decided that switching to OpenStack would be a wiser choice.

In order to perform the data center life-cycle management, abstraction of all the hardware is necessary. They plan to use OpenStack for this hardware abstraction, and then migration can be performed between the abstracted OpenStack clusters.


Image credit: cropped from "OpenStack3Bday Celebration in Japan #00" by Hideki Saito