A collection of major OpenStack users discuss their deployments, including Tim Bell from CERN, Reinhardt Quelle from Cisco Webex, Ryan Lane from Wikimedia, Saran Mandair from PayPal, Hui Cheng from Sina.com, and JC Martin from eBay.


Tim Bell, Manager, Infrastructure Services, CERN

It is their goal to address the massive problems they’re facing in terms of the amount of data that arrives from the large hadron collider. It produces between 25 and 30 petabytes of data per year. This data has to be analyzed and understood, and OpenStack helps them do that effectively.

Reinhardt Quelle, Cisco

Reinhardt’s group is responsible for delivering collaboration applications (i.e. WebEx, Jabber, and Cisco Social). The OpenStack team is responsible for working with Mirantis to create the environment where the deployment systems could meet Cisco’s needs. His advice to large organizations implementing OpenStack: collaborate a lot more. Find your peers, and discuss what you’re doing and how you’re going to work together.

Ryan Lane, Operations Engineer, Wikimedia foundation

Wikimedia Labs is a virtualized environment that allows anyone in the world to edit and share, hosting an open set of knowledge using OpenStack. He’s very happy with the continued growth and strength of the OpenStack community.

Saran Mandair, Senior Director, Infrastructure Operations, PayPal

PayPal is moving to cloud powered by OpenStack to enable agility, availability and innovation to help get the best products to our customers sooner than the competition. They want to leverage the collective brainpower outside of PayPal to both use it and contribute back. Open standards also allow them to direct vendors in a way that benefit the entire ecosystem as opposed to PayPal exclusively.

Hui Cheng, Technical Manager, Sina Corporation

OpenStack provides a massively scalable infrastructure that speeds up development and shortens the amount of time necessary to release a product.

JC Martin, Cloud Architect, eBay Marketplaces

The main goal for moving to the cloud is to enable agility and innovation. They want to give developers a fast way to deploy their applications, decrease their time to market, and improve their agility and efficiency.


Image credit: "OpenStack Summit Keynote – Comcast" by Aaron Hockley