Alejandro Comisario and Leandro Reox discuss the evolution of OpenStack within their organization.


MercadoLibre is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is the leading eCommerce platform in Latin America. The company has a presence in over 14 countries and employs 1900 people in total, 400 of which work specifically on IT.

They realized a need for something fast, scalable and secure with the promise of continuous iterations/updates. Enter: OpenStack.

They are currently using most of the stack, starting with object storage implementation. MercadoLibre is storing all of their pictures (totaling more than 1.4 billion), pushing approximately 30 million pictures per day into Swift. They are also using Keystone, because every call into their private cloud is authenticated and authorized through the OpenStack Identity Service. Additionally, they are using Cinder, NovaCompute, Glance and Neutron.

OpenStack allows their team to deploy an entire region in a matter of minutes and scale the capacity of RAM to their full infrastructure. Deploying OpenStack gave them the ability to build additional services around it. Since they are deploying OpenStack in several data centers, having APIs in the middle is very helpful and allows deployment of a specific application through these data centers with just one API call.

They are working to keep up with everything that OpenStack offers in terms of new features in the present and future.

A final thought from Landro: "With OpenStack, the sky is the limit."