Attendees soared and actual rockets flew across the stage on this exceptional launch day…


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, took the stage to welcome 6,000 of the community’s "closest friends" in a keynote with some of the thunder of a rock show.

Attendees, up 25 percent since the Summit held in Paris, streamed into the huge hall on an overcast but temperate day in Vancouver. The two-hour keynote featured updates from users including Walmart, TD Bank Group, Cybera, Comcast and headline sponsors Hewlett-Packard and SolidFire.

About half of the participants to the Summit were newcomers, with developers and project strategists/architects making up a little over half the total attendees. This week, they’ll share ideas and best practices in almost 500 sessions ranging from containers to core.

DigitalFilm Tree showed the power of cloud for television and film production with a camera-to-couch demo that blitzed audience footage to Los Angeles for post-production and presto chang-o sent it back to Vancouver. You can read more about how they are using Swift, Nova, Keystone and Neutron to maximize efficiency.


Two milestones in OpenStack interoperability

Meet the OpenStack Powered pioneers: there are 14 companies including public clouds, hosted private clouds, distributions and appliances, that carry this branding. You can find more about them at the OpenStack Marketplace. The OpenStack Powered moniker means that users can now count on these products and clouds around the world to deliver a consistent set of core services.

In the second announcement, a group of OpenStack cloud providers have signed on to support the new federated identity feature in the OpenStack Kilo release, with offerings expected by the end of this year. Identity federation enables hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios with a seamless user experience.

The growing list of companies committed to delivering federated identity currently includes these 32.

Frederic Lardinois of Tech Crunch had this to say about it: "This project is a clear indication of how much the OpenStack ecosystem has grown over the last few years. With only a few players on the market, there wasn’t much need for this kind of certification program, but now that the number of vendors who provide some kind of service for the project continues to increase, it’s becoming more important to ensure that users don’t get locked into a single vendor. That, after all, would be very much against the philosophy of the project."

The announcement created a buzz that kept things humming in later Summit sessions.

Robin Winsor, CEO of Cybera, showed off his deployment with a timely reminder: "Stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stone."

Hit us with your ideas, people!

In the final talk of the keynote, [Solidfire]( Dave Wright CEO asked the crowd what they would do if storage wasn’t an issue. To answer, he was ready to take the heat, in the form of soft rockets that people launched at him on stage.