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“I believe OpenStack has a chance to do for the cloud what Linux has done for server operating systems—basically becoming the defacto standard for designing modern applications,” says Percona co-founder and CEO Peter Zeitsev.

But getting to that standard requires a different set of moves, writes Alex Freedland of Mirantis on TechCrunch. "The reality is that winning in open source requires a playbook that is drastically different from one that most VCs investing in technology today are used to…Open source ecosystem markets behave differently and therefore require a very different playbook. There, the differentiation is not in the technology you build; it is in the process and expertise that you slowly amass over an extended period of time."

And that road may not necessarily be a smooth one, says Nick Heath at TechRepublic. "The problems that make businesses reluctant to deploy OpenStack are nothing new," adding that even though enterprise use of OpenStack isn’t where some had hoped it would be, there have been notable successes, such as its use by payment provider PayPal.

How open should OpenStack be? That’s the question posed over at the Tesora blog. "OpenStack already has the ability to integrate a broad array of vendor solutions into a working cloud environment, giving the enterprise wide latitude in forging supplier dependencies. But it must be remembered that unlimited hardware independence does not always lead to the most effective solution, or the least costly."

One more thing, Superusers: it’s time to help pick the new logos for OpenStack User Groups & OpenStack Days. You have until Wednesday April 22, 2015 to weigh in!

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